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Sincronia blanc 2022




Chardonnay ,Premsal and Parellada

Files to download

Technical sheet Pdf | ZIP image – label



Winemaking zone

Vi de la Terra Mallorca


1 will always remember this 2022. lt may have been the hottest year since I began winemaking in 2004. lf late 2027 saw a wet November, the early months of 2022 had very I ittle rain. This tendency lasted throughout the year in Porreres and was interrupted by an episode of heavy rainfall in Felanitx just after the harvest.

The spring and summer were torrid, with little day-night thermal difference. August was more like a second spring and the beginning of a very mild winter with short intervals of minimal rain. Harvesting was hard work due to the high temperatures, but very healthy thanks to the absence of fungi and diseases. This harvest posed a true challenge that I am very happy with and that signifies a point of reflection concerning the years to come.

Type of ageing

Once the varieties have been fermented separately, we combine them to obtain the final coupage and then keep them with the fine lees until just befare bottling.


Sincronia Blanc is the sum of various winemaking techniques. On one hand, pre-fermentation maceration of the Premsal Blanc grapes, and then direct pressing of the grapes from the youngest Chardonnay and Parellada vines, between 70 and 40 years old.


January,February and March 2023

Market launch

January 2023

Analytical parameters

Alcoholic degree: 73%
ATT: 5,4
Residual sugars: 0,5
Clarification: Bentonite in fermentation

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07260 Porreres / Mallorca
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