Acrollam rosat

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The name “Acrollam” is “Mallorca” in reverse. Made from the grapes of the oldest Cabernet and Merlot vines, it will leave a strong impression if you are looking for a well-structured, full-bodied rosé.
“Acrollam” is “Mallorca” in reverse, because we like to do our work in our own way, often “the other way round” from what is customary, escaping from the established canons.


The ACROLLAM ROSAT label shows a hot-air balloon, weighing anchor and soaring up into the blue to see the Earth from up high and appreciate its beauty. The desire to live new adventures and face new challenges in life, with a balloon carrying two people who are setting out on a journey of freedom.

There appears a mandala formed by concentric figures that suggest the search for perfection in making the different wines, while the perimeter of the circle evokes the return to the cycles of nature, like the vine itself.


The musts of the two varieties are run off directly without destalking directly from the press and then fermented separately. Once the alcoholic fermentations have been completed, we combine the two wines and leave the resulting blend to rest with the fine lees.
tasting note
Red fruits: strawberries, cherries … a ‘fruit salad’ in both the nose and the mouth.

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The plots

Son Orellet
Son Porquer


Technical sheet




Cabernet and merlot.



Zone or Denomination of Origin

Wine from the land


The year 2020 may have been the most complicated I have experienced since I started making wines. A year of galloping mildew during which we lost 50% of the harvest. A warm, rainy spring followed by a moderate summer that helped us to maintain a certain freshness in the wines.


With the fine lees until just before bottling.


March 2021

Market launch

April 2021

Analytical parameters

Alcoholic degree: 13%
ATT: 4.9
Residual sugars: 1.1
Clarification: bentonite in fermentation

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Son Orellet

Son Porquer