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My new life project had to bear the names of my two lineages. Mesquida represents the family’s winemaking tradition. My maternal surname, Mora, signifies the land, whose undisputable generosity accompanies me every day of my life. After finishing Catalan philology I studied Oenology … I’d always wanted to make wine. In 2004 I entered the family winery, and in 2012 the circumstances of life led me to take this new path, MESQUIDA MORA.

Wine and life are one and the same thing, because in the Catalan language the word for life, “VIDA,” contains wine, “VI.”

The “first team” for this life journey is formed by Kica Ferrando and Carles Oliver, inseparable companions in this adventure. They, along with William Sánchez and Sebastià Català, make possible this folly, not forgetting all the other people who from, time to time lend us a hand in the vines and the cellar. All of them make up the perfect motor for driving onward.

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Camí de Pas des Frare s/n,
Bustia rural 5 / Pol. 4 – Parc.782
07260 Porreres / Mallorca
Illes Balears / Spain


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