Mesquida Mora

I’m very fortunate: I was born in a little paradise. Bathed by the salt water and the sun of the Mediterranean, ACROLLAM is my homeland.

I grew up among vines, barrels and grapes, and the years have led me to believe that there are no coincidences (in Catalan, “casualitats”), only causalities. We live in SYNCHRONY (SINCRONIA), and nothing happens by accident.

In the year 2012, at a moment when I had neither a SÒTIL (ceiling) nor a TRISPOL (floor), I decided to strike out on a new path, named MESQUIDA MORA, because the ‘coincidences’ of life are really only the tip of an iceberg called destiny.

of Mallorca, ecological and biodynamic

Wine from the land

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The apricot trees protect the old goblet-trained Callet vines that give us a light, delicate and floral wine. Light but also full of nuances.

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A voyage from Mallorca to the world, or from the world to Mallorca. Callet, Syrah and Cabernet from the oldest vines. With volume and a long and persistent finish, but without losing freshness.

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The lighthouse shows us the route. This is our youngest wine, because to know where we’re going we have to know where we’ve come from. A coupage of autochthonous and foreign varieties that is fresh and easy to drink.

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The starfish has a special virtue: when it loses a leg it regenerates it very easily. The rosé version is made from the same coupage of autochthonous and foreign varieties as the red. One bottle may not be enough!

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A taut-sailed boat illustrates the white wine from our youngest Premsal and oldest Chardonnay vines. Freshness and complexity, with a salty touch.

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The yang of rosé. Made only with Premsal and Giró and with no added sulphites. A truly special white that transports you directly to Mallorca.

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The name “Acrollam” is “Mallorca” in reverse. Made from the grapes of the oldest Cabernet and Merlot vines, it will leave a strong impression if you are looking for a well-structured, full-bodied rosé.

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A recovered minority variety that only in extraordinary years produces surprising monovarietal wines. We premiered it with the 2019 harvest and we don’t know when we’ll make it again. Light, elegant and refined: a subtle explosion of fruit.

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Fermented grape juice with no added yeasts or sulphites, and without clarifying.

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Our vines

The Plots

The viticultural jigsaw of our winery is made up of eight plots aged between 3 and 65 years. Certified by the Balearic Ecological Agriculture Council, they grow on calcareous, clayey and red clay-gravel soils.

Together they trace a varietal mosaic that hosts the first examples of foreign varieties planted in Mallorca, which live alongside the island’s autochthonous varieties.

With the aim of bequeathing rich, fertile soils to the future generations, we manage our vineyards based on a dialogue with nature: we sow vegetable covers, apply biodynamic compost and preparations and use infusions of medicinal plants. All of these techniques help us to achieve grapes of the highest quality, an expression of the triangle sun-climate-variety.

The human dimension in ecological and biodynamic wines

Little artisans

A “small” winery, at human scale and with a manageable extension of vines that enables us to know every palm of soil we cultivate with biodynamic methods.

A team that is a small family with whom we share the good and bad moments. Teamwork, enthusiasm and passion for work well done, perseverance, constancy and drive.
These are the tools of the little artisans of Mesquida Mora.

Who we are and where we come from


My new life project had to bear the names of my two lineages. Mesquida represents the family’s winemaking tradition. My maternal surname, Mora, signifies the land, whose undisputable generosity accompanies me every day of my life.

After finishing Catalan philology I studied Oenology … I’d always wanted to make wine. In 2004 I entered the family winery, and in 2012 the circumstances of life led me to take this new path, MESQUIDA MORA. Wine and life are one and the same thing, because in the Catalan language the word for life, “VIDA,” contains wine, “VI.”