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Son Godai

Son Godai

Location: on the road from Porreres to Vilafranca.
Surface area: 2.1106 ha
Type of soil: loam-clay
Year of planting: 2010
Planting pattern: 2 x 1.23
Variety: Premsal
Rootstock: 1103 Paulsen
Training system: goblet

Planed in the same year as the Camí de Felanitx, this Premsal of Son Godai grows alongside the last apricot tree conserved by my maternal family.

Goblet-trained Premsal for the next generation of winemakers.

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Camí de Pas des Frare s/n,
Bustia rural 5 / Pol. 4 – Parc.782
07260 Porreres / Mallorca
Illes Balears / Spain


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