Sincronia blanc

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A taut-sailed boat illustrates the white wine from our youngest Premsal and oldest Chardonnay vines. Freshness and complexity, with a salty touch.
Synchrony is the magic of life. What we sometimes experience as negative event can become an opportunity, something that occurs at the same time as something else. The young wines of Mesquida Mora are born in synchrony with their siblings ACROLLAM, TRISPOL and SÒTIL.


The labels of SINCRONIA wines are composed of small fragments of coloured paper, like life itself, representing the vines where they were born and composing a picture that evokes the Mediterranean essence of our island, Mallorca.

SINCRONIA BLANC is illustrated with a small boat, symbolising the will and ambition to cross new seas and oceans.


Sincronia Blanc is the sum of various winemaking techniques. On one hand, pre-fermentation maceration of the Premsal Blanc grapes, and then direct pressing of the grapes from the youngest vines of Chardonnay, Parellada and Giró.

Tasting note

The notes of white fruits like apple and pear appear first, then giving way to sweeter sensations reminiscent of peach or melon, with a slight hint of cocoanut. In the mouth it is well-rounded, meaty, long and persistent, with a finish that is full but fresh.

Es camí de Felanitx
Son Orellet
Es Monjos
Son Porquer
Son Godai
Son Vinater



Technical sheet




Chardonnay and  premsal



Zone or Denomination of Origin

Wine from the land


The year 2020 may have been the most complicated I have experienced since I started making wines. A year of galloping mildew during which we lost 50% of the harvest. A warm, rainy spring followed by a moderate summer that helped us to maintain a certain freshness in the wines.


Once the varieties have been fermented separately, we combine them to obtain the final coupage and then keep them with the fine lees until just before bottling.


February and May 2021

Market launch

March 2021

Analytical parameters

Alcoholic degree: 13, 5%
ATT: 6.0
Residual sugars: 0.7
Clarification: bentonite in fermentation

Our vines

The Plots

Es Monjos

Son Godai

Son Orellet

Son Porquer

Son Vinater

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