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A recovered minority variety that only in extraordinary years produces surprising monovarietal wines. We premiered it with the 2019 harvest and we don’t know when we’ll make it again. Light, elegant and refined: a subtle explosion of fruit.
The Gorgollassa des Monjos 2019 is a wine with little colouration, with aromas of flowers and Mediterranean forest. Elegant, delicate and complex, with smooth acidity, silky texture and very fine tannins.

Gorgollassa is a vigorous vine with little production and long shoots. Sometimes it roots poorly, making it an irregular variety with little productivity. There is no doubt that these two characteristics led to its disappearance: by 1982 it was no longer referenced in the INDO’s register.


In 2014 we grafted a part of the Merlot of Es Monjos, and after 4 years of experimentation we are now introducing to the market this Gorgollassa d’Es Monjos with a label that from now on will be carried by some small productions of different varieties that will not necessarily reach the market every year.


2/3 destalked and 1/3 without destalking. Fermented at 25º with autochthonous yeasts, pumping over every two days. Malolactic fermentation in vat.

Tasting note

It is a wine with little colouration, with aromas of flowers and Mediterranean forest. Elegant, delicate and complex, with smooth acidity, silky texture and very fine tannins.

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Zone or Denomination of Origin

Vi de la Terra Mallorca


A warm winter with little rain was followed by a dry spring. Only the rains of early July refreshed the vines and changed their physiognomy.


Cask of 500 litres and stainless steel vat.


July 2020

Market launch


Analytical parameters

Alcoholic degree: 12.5%
ATT: 4.7 gr/lt
Residual sugars: 0.4 gr/lt
Clarification: no

Winemaking is much more than just tending the vines: it is the history of the people who have cultivated the varieties and cared for their legacy and transmission. In his book Die Balearen, written between the years 1867 and 1891, Archduke Lluís Salvador made reference to the Gorgollassa variety. This is a pre-phylloxera grape that was cultivated throughout the 19th century and became, according to the Agronomous Consultation Board in 1911, one of Mallorca’s most common varieties, particularly in the Binissalem area.

Gorgollassa tends to produce wines with medium-low acidity, with a violet colouring and medium alcoholic degree. According to a study by Garcia-Muñoz in 2011, it would be a cross between the Monastrell and Hebén varieties. It has a long cycle and is the variety that closes the harvest season at Mesquida Mora.

In the late 1990s, the Can Ribas winery began to search for an autochthonous variety that would be smoother and of less graduation than the Mantonegro. The vineyard manager, Joan – the viticulturist par excellence of Can Ribas – told the owners about Gorgollassa and they found a few shoots at Can Amer. These shoots marked the start of the journey towards its recovery, which culminated, after many twists and turns, in 2011 when it was authorised to be planted in the Balearic Islands.

Ours is a marvellous profession. Protecting and cultivating the landscape, with the participation of our loved ones. The winemaker’s trade involves handing down lands in good condition, but it is also the pleasure of sharing what you have. This Gorgollassa has been made possible thanks to the generosity of Can Ribas, which shared the cuttings of this variety with Can Majoral, and in turn, the Andreus and Mireia did not hesitate to give me some shoots to regraft a part of the Merlot planted in 2005 in our property of Es Monjos de Porreres. Without these bonds of friendship, today this Gorgollassa would not exist.

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