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A voyage from Mallorca to the world, or from the world to Mallorca. Callet, Syrah and Cabernet from the oldest vines. With volume and a long and persistent finish, but without losing freshness.

A “TRISPOL” is a floor, one of the basic elements for starting a new life project. TRISPOL is body, structure, our own way of paying tribute to our mother earth who gives us life … and wine.


The label shows the tiles I walked on throughout my childhood in the house of my maternal grandparents, Can Vedera in Porreres.


Separate fermentation of the different types of grapes and post-fermentation maceration according to the varieties. Once the musts were drawn off, malolactic fermentation was carried out in a stainless steel tank and then the wines were blended for ageing in a vat of 5,000 litres and French oak casks of 225 litres.

Tasting note

Spicy red fruit with touches of vanilla and cocoa and light pyracinic notes, producing a wine that is full-bodied, fresh, long and persistent in the mouth.

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The plots

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Trispol 2020




Callet, cabernet and sira

Files to download

Technical sheet Pdf | ZIP image – label



Zone or Denomination of Origin

Vi de la Terra Mallorca


The year 2020 may have been the most complicated I have experienced since I started making wines. A year of galloping mildew during which we lost 50% of the harvest. A warm, rainy spring followed by a moderate summer that helped us to maintain a certain freshness in the wines.


A French oak vat of 5,000 litres for the Syrah and Callet and French oak casks of 225 litres for the Cabernet Sauvignon.


July 2021

Market launch

September 2022

Analytical parameters

Alcoholic degree: 12.5%
ATT: 5.4
Residual sugars: 2.2
Clarification: No

Our vines

The Plots

Els Ermassos

Son Porquer

Son Vinater

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