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The apricot trees protect the old goblet-trained Callet vines that give us a light, delicate and floral wine. Light but also full of nuances.
The SÒTIL is the surface that separates two floors of a building, and the space over which the tiles are laid to cover the house. SÒTIL is also sky, silhouette, lightness, sensibility … a personal way of referring to the cosmos.


The label shows the blue sky of our Mediterranean, with a few clouds that try to hide the sun, because nothing ever has one single colour. The central moulding recalls the mandala of ACROLLAM.


Manual selection of the finest Callet grapes, lengthening pre-fermentation maceration and carrying out malolactic fermentation in French oak casks.

Tasting note

Floral notes, especially of violets. Fine, delicate aromas for a wine that is light and fresh in the mouth but at the same time full of nuances that make it full-bodied and persistent.

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The plots


Technical sheet







Zone or Denomination of Origin

Wine from the land


The year 2020 may have been the most complicated I have experienced since I started making wines. A year of galloping mildew during which we lost 50% of the harvest. A warm, rainy spring followed by a moderate summer that helped us to maintain a certain freshness in the wines.


French oak casks of 500 litres.


June 2021

Market launch

December 2021

Analytical parameters

Alcoholic degree: 12.5%
ATT: 4.9
Residual sugars: 2.2
Clarification: no

Our vines

The Plots

Es Pou de sa Carrera

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