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Son Vinater

Son Vinater

Location: in the Pla d’en Xerro, in Son Negre, in Felanitx.
Surface area: 5 ha
Type of soil: clay and red clay-gravel
Year of planting: 1992-1994-1996-2005-2010-2015-2020
Planting pattern: 2.20 x 1.10
Variety: Syrah, Cabernet, Chardonnay, Premsal, Giró and Callet.
Rootstock: 1103 Paulsen Syrah (1992)
161 49 Premsal (1994)
41 B Cabernet (2005)
161 49 Giró (2013-2016)
110 Richter Callet and Syrah (2020)
Training system:  double cordon and goblet.

Son Vinater belonged to the grandfather of Joan, the father of our daughter Bàrbara. It had vines that were uprooted in 1989 to make way for the new plantations that have been made since 1992.

Son Vinater is located in a cool, humid plain that conserves water very well during the summer.

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