Giró giró de Son Vinater

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The Giró Ros variety was incorporated into the specifications of Vi de la Terra de Mallorca in 2013 after years of administrative processing and trials which would have been impossible without the enthusiasm of Toni Gelabert and Andreu of Can Majoral. Without their stubbornness and tenacity, it would never have been possible to recover this variety, a very few plants of which survived in a vineyard of Joaquin Monserrat in Felanitx.
It is thanks to the efforts of these winemakers that today we can produce wines made with Giró. And if we have planted it at Mesquida Mora it is thanks to the generosity of the people of Can Majoral, who entrusted us with the transplanting.
A little more than 1,000 bottles and 70 magnums of a unique wine that we don’t know if we will ever repeat … a wine for tasting the purity of Giró.


This wine is the combination of different vinifications: the younger Giró and the older Giró from Son Vinater in Felanitx, both harvested on August 17, 2021. The young Giró is fermented without the stalks, but with the whole grapes, for 8 days. The old Giró, whose peel was well roasted by the sun, was pressed directly with the stalks and the must was fermented alone. When the two fermentations were completed, the two wines were blended together, achieving a good balance.

Inicialment pot sorprendre el color daurat del vi, però si tenim en compte la coloració varietal de la pell i la fermentació amb aquesta no és extrany trobar-nos amb un vi amb aquesta tonalitat.

Tasting note

Tasting this wine is like travelling to the summer, to a harvest morning before sunrise. It is placing a ripe grape in your mouth. With a golden colour due to the colouring of the peel of the Giró grapes and its fermentation with this peel, on the nose it is spicy, with notes of ripe fruit, mainly peach and apricot, and in the mouth it is full-bodied, silky and not especially acidic. It is a gastronomic “half orange” wine that conserves the texture of fermentation with peel and the freshness of direct pressing. 

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Son Vinater


Giró giró de Son Vinater 2021





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Zone or Denomination of Origin

Vi de la Terra Mallorca


The winter of 2021 was not especially cold or rainy, but the start of spring, just before flowering, brought generous rains that made the vines very green when the summer arrived. While the early summer was mild and not especially hot, August was marked by very hot episodes that accelerated the ripening of some varieties. The storms in late August and September swept past Porreres without leaving a drop. The accumulation of reserves for the 2022 harvest began in a rainy November with over 140 mm of rain in Porreres, which, while being abundant, contrasted greatly with many other municipalities where the rain was three or four times heavier.


During the descending moon of February 2022

Market launch

April 2022

Analytical parameters

Alcoholic degree: 13,5 %
ATT: 4,7 gr/lt
Residual sugars: 0,2 gr/lt
Clarification: no

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Son Vinater

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