Acrollam blanc

19,50 IVA inc.

The yang of rosé. Made only with Premsal and Giró and with no added sulphites. A truly special white that transports you directly to Mallorca.

“Acrollam” is “Mallorca” in reverse, because we like to do our work in our own way, often “the other way round” from what is customary, escaping from the established canons.


The ACROLLAM BLANC label shows a woman who is searching for her identity, femininity ready to plunge into the sea, ready to live new adventures and to lead change without relinquishing her personal way of being: without fear of the waves or the storm. A passion for life, for feeling caressed by the salt texture of our sea.

ACROLLAM BLANC and ROSAT share the same image: a mandala formed by concentric figures that suggest the search for perfection in making the different wines, while the perimeter of the circle evokes the return to the cycles of nature, like the vine itself.


Equilibrium of three techniques for the Premsal: pre-fermentation maceration and carbonic maceration and fermentation with the skins, while for the Giró we opt for direct pressing. Once the different varieties have been fermented separately, we make the definitive coupage, using no sulphites throughout its production.

Tasting note

Fresh white fruit, fine and delicate, to make it lively in the mouth, with notes of brine and lime.

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The plots

Son Oliver
Son Orellet
Es Monjos
Son Porquer


Acrollam blanc 2022




Premsal and Giró

Files to download

Technical sheet Pdf | ZIP image – label



Winemaking zone

Vi de la Terra Mallorca


1 will always remember this 2022. lt may have been the hottest year since I began winemaking in 2004. lf late 2027 saw a wet November, the early months of 2022 had very I ittle rain. This tendency lasted throughout the year in Porreres and was interrupted by an episode of heavy rainfall in Felanitx just after the harvest.

The spring and summer were torrid, with little day-night thermal difference. August was more like a second spring and the beginning of a very mild winter with short intervals of minimal rain.

Harvesting was hard work due to the high temperatures, but very healthy thanks to the absence of fungi and diseases. This harvest posed a true challenge that I am very happy with and that signifies a point of reflection concerning the years to come.

Type of ageing

With the fine lees until just before bottling.


February 2023

Market launch

May 2023

Analytical parameters

Alcoholic degree: 73%
ATT: 5,1
Residual sugars: 0,2
Clarification: No

Our vines

The plots

Son Porquer

Son Vinater

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