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Son Porquer

Son Porquer

Location: in the foothills of the Montission hill of Porreres.
Surface area: 6.29 ha
Type of soil: loam-clay
Year of planting: 1981-2010
Planting pattern: 2 x 1 and 2.5 x1.2
Variety: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Parellada, Premsal and Callet.
Rootstock: 41 B
Training system: double cordon.

The mill of Son Porquer, completed in the year 1850, overlooks the first vines of foreign varieties that were planted in Mallorca 40 years ago. Without my parents’ enthusiasm, the history of wine in Mallorca may well have been very different.

Thanks to their efforts to improve the quality of the wines then being made by incorporating foreign varieties, today we have been able to recover and promote the autochthonous varieties of the island of Mallorca.

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Camí de Pas des Frare s/n,
Bustia rural 5 / Pol. 4 – Parc.782
07260 Porreres / Mallorca
Illes Balears / Spain


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